July 08, 2020

1 The first line is the last,

in this section

It’s the naked truth, I am writing.
A small spectacle for gods and goddesses,
and everyone else for that matter,
who are not afraid to look into the future.
With the title:
"Between the lines"

I don't know how to make a draft for a short story, 
but before, during, and after my apprenticeship as a shipwright, where I learned to build fishing boats that could withstand the weather in the North Atlantic, I have read a book every now and then when I was not building a cruise ship, a cement factory, airports, fishing ports, container ports, an embassy, roads, hydroelectric dams, water treatment plants of various kinds, and a whole lot of other things while I was traveling as a construction worker and supervisor, from Uummannaq in Greenland as the northernmost, to Stonetown in Zanzibar as the southernmost, via Ă…nge in Sweden, Helsinki in Finland, Rostock in Germany, and Mogadishu in Somalia, and from Kufa in Iraq as the easternmost to Apia in Samoa as the westernmost, via Gaza City in the Gaza Strip, Edi in Eritrea, Mubuku in Uganda, Kingston in Jamaica, Willemstad in Curacao, and Changuinola in Panama, in my spare time. I also traveled a bit at my own expense, to see other parts of the world now and then, so I didn't miss anything important, but the books were a big part of my life. Until I got my Macintosh Plus, then I was sold,

so I'll just start
as if it is quite normal for me to write
between the lines.

I take it for granted that you can see
what is written
between the lines
otherwise, you should not start at all.

It's all based on a little serious thinking every now and then.

Here is the first almost invisible line.
I have made it red, so it is easier to see.