July 08, 2020

10 The last line is the first,

in this section.


Here is another almost invisible line!
I have also made this one red, so it is easier to see.

That's all it took to make a draft for a short story
that can form the basis for a script.

I imagine that the script could be used as the basis for a video
if anyone should want to make one,
where there could be shown a few charts
to give an overview and a better understanding.
This can be corrected by anyone, sooner or later, and polished in all eternity, but I am so excited that I will spend my time by creating "A different kind of employment service", which I am thinking a lot about after I have been reading "Between the lines" on my own.

If you want to translate those three writings
"Between the lines", "Employment service", and "Why"
from English
into any language they are not been translated into yet
then take a look here: