July 08, 2020

2 The door is open

What can I do for you?

I came to see if I could get a job?

No, you can't!
I don’t have a job for anyone!

But I can see people are lining up and some are working already.

That's not the same as getting a job.
They are started to work on their own, under my supervision, against expected post-payment, exactly like farmers, fishermen, authors, and other self-employed people are working against post-payment.
Anyone, who wants to do that can do it, as long as there is space, but there is not a single one who will get a job.

That's what I meant, I just expressed myself wrongly.
Can I start to work on my own, under your supervision?

Yes, you can, as soon as you like. Everybody can do that, but in order not to waste the time, I will tell you a little about the economy so you have the information directly from me, then we don't have to walk like cats around the hot porridge, and two feathers don't end up as a whole chicken farm.

You have to pay around 1,000 Chinese yuan per year, from the time I started to look for people who want to work for themselves under my supervision, everybody has to do that without exception, but only after they have started to earn their own money by producing according to my instructions.
For one percent, those who want to be supervisors, it will cost around 2,000 Chinese yuan to be able to sign up, and out of that one percent, it will cost around another 1,000 Chinese yuan for each of the one hundred who want to be managers.
Those who want to do other things, without being supervisor or manager, must also pay around 1,000 Chinese yuan. Those payments are single payments and will be deducted from the yearly payment of around 1,000 Chinese yuan.
For the ninety-nine percent, it doesn't have to cost a single Chinese yuan to sign up and get started.

I will make it simple so even I can understand what I am trying to explain.
Those who will be managers must pay, all together, around 3,000 Chinese yuan upfront once and for all but can deduct them from the yearly payment of around 1,000 Chinese yuan.
Those who will be supervisors must pay, all together, around 2,000 Chinese yuan upfront once and for all but can deduct them from the yearly payment of around 1,000 Chinese yuan.
Everybody else who will do or make anything must pay, all together, around 1,000 Chinese yuan upfront once and for all but can deduct them from the yearly payment of around 1,000 Chinese yuan.

Anyone who has paid anything before they started to earn around 1,000 Chinese yuan every hour, can deduct it from the around 1,000 Chinese yuan everybody has to pay yearly, all the way back from the beginning, regardless of when they signed up. 
The only way I can make a budget over the funds I consider as private is by starting at a certain time, even if the money first comes in later, that's secured this way. There is no one who saves as much as a single Chinese yuan by waiting to start, on the contrary.

Everyone must also pay half of the profit they get by using me and my ideas as long as they use them, so it's a completely different amount of money we are talking about here, there will be around 1,000 Chinese yuan per hour to you and the same amount for me to spend on projects I like. That's more money than most people can grasp, so forget about that. I don't want to talk about who should pay how much in taxes of that money, for it depends on many different things. 

If that doesn't scare you, then make a cup of coffee for us and a piece of bread with cheese or two, then I'll find a few notes so I don't forget too many things. The kitchen is over there in the corner. There is everything you need, just keep it calm, I have plenty of time for that price.

What do you mean?
For that price?
I have not paid for anything!

No, not yet, I don’t hope you pay too many people for anything before you've got something, but once you've got something, then you'll pay me around thirty thousand Chinese yuan for today and it's not because you've got an opportunity to make coffee for us, it is because you are spending my time. You'll pay that every time you are coming here. Nearly everyone will pay that, every time they are coming here. Then it’s said in advance, don’t come here unless it is necessary.

Thirty thousand Chinese yuan? That’s a lot, for the rest of the day!

I've been here the whole day and it's not me who decided what time you came. The price is for a day, I think that corresponds to many other's prices if they know what they are talking about. I don't really know that because I don't care too much about other's prices, that's my price, now it's said straight out. In fact, you do not have to come here, everything I will tell you, you can as well find on your own, by looking a bit here and there. By the way, remember you don't have to pay until you start to earn anything because of me.

I don't think I will earn a lot because of you, once you've learned enough to think you're ready to start on your own for real, therefore I am taking my part from the start, but only of what you have earned. You can never come in debt to me and you can pack your stuff at any time and leave me, free as a bird. You can also come back again at any time if there still is space. If you sometimes don't have time to work, then you don't have to pay me anything, but you will delay the time where you're ready to start for real on your own, it’s as easy as that.
For most people, there's a maximum of around 365,000 Chinese yuan per year, after I've got my part. But then the tongue must also be kept straight in the mouth, because it takes one hour’s work every single day all year round to reach that and who can do that, without one or more collaborators.

There is no limit to the time you can work under my supervision, even if you are starting on your own for real, but then I doubt you will.

That's a lot of money, it's more than I've ever earned throughout my life.

Have you ever worked for yourself before?

I've always been employed, but I've been paid well for it.

Yes, but if you work for others, in most places on the globe, the employer has the hair in the mailbox if you get sick, hurt, pregnant, old, need to be educated, want a vacation, and what do I know, because the employer has made an agreement with the unions before anyone dares to work for them. All the expenses associated with that, can't be paid as salary.
If you work for yourself, then it's you who are standing with the hair in the mailbox, there is no dear mother if it goes wrong, but there are many who wants a part of the cake if it goes well, so around 1,000 Chinese yuan per hour is not particularly much, but that's the way it is and I don't plan to change that. It is not too bad either, in my opinion, for an apprentice.

I have planned to show you what you can expect, so you don’t start as blindfolded. I will continue with that right away, so I don’t waste your time.