July 08, 2020

3 The whole idea

starts with something
which is as easy as finding one million needles, in some haystacks, once the haystacks are found, except that it's not needles I'm looking for of course, but people.

One million, that's what I can use to cover the market according to my best estimate, which is made with both eyes wide open.

We can start as soon as the management is in place, even if that is the only people there are but we will not start even if one million is inside and no one has chosen to manage.

I can't go through millions of applications, from people who feel they can do what needs to be done, which doesn't tell me anything and I don't want others to do it either.

I want to see black on white what the applicants want and what they can. I will also ask you, right away, will you do what is necessary so you can start to earn around 365,000 Chinese yuan per year in your spare time, for one hour's work every day of the year? That's what is left for you after you have paid me for my supervision and idea.

I will say this again, right away, without blinking, there are also around 365,000 Chinese yuan for me, from each.

There is no dear mother to help you, but there are many, strangers, who will be eager to help you, sooner or later, for a heavy fee. Be aware of them.

I need to invest around two times 30,000 Chinese yuan right at the start, for a little equipment and insurances, so you can get started, that money must be paid back immediately. That means that the very first money you earn must return to me, along with my profit, so I can invest it all again, on a little equipment and insurances, for two others.

It's totally risk-free, at least I can't see any risk, for if you by any reason don't want my supervision anyway, then you are free as a bird. I don't want any money or equipment back. You are out of my mind right away and forever.

You need a little indoor space, with a temperature ordinary mortals can work in, with common household electricity and access to clean water. It only needs to be a few square meters and can easily be a corner of a bigger room, but it is used 24 hours a day when you produce.

You need to have a computer with internet access, so you can communicate with me and others and you must be able to transfer money to one of my accounts once a month, around 30,000 Chinese yuan when everything goes well, it doesn't matter which method you will use, but it must be legal for you to do that.

You may not hire other people to do the work, not even a part of the work, instead of doing it yourself, no matter what you pay for it, now it is said straight out. You are out of my mind right away and forever, if you do that.

You are welcome to cooperate with other people if they also are producing, to gather the workload in blocs.

If you only want to work a part of the time of what is possible, then the profit will reflect that of course, for both of us, that's alright, but thirty days a year is the least you may work if you want to work under my supervision.
In the first two months, you must work every day to pay me back but then you can decide on your own how much you want to work if there is enough work.

When there is too little work, everyone will be cut equally, almost, those who just is started will get full time the first three months so I can get my money back, but there won't be others who start, before all those who have started are making everything they want again.

The rest will be cut from seven days a week to six, but those who only work six days already will not be affected. Must there be cut down to five days a week then they will be affected, but those who only work five days already will not be affected. This is how it goes down until there is more work, then it goes up again in the same manner.

Do you understand the idea?

Nearly, but what do you mean by gathering the workload in blocs.

I mean if you and your spouse, friend, or anybody else there are producing, wants to share the work, by running all the production at the same time for a group of producers, maybe even at the same place, then it is alright.

If two people work together then they can work two hours every other day, every other week, every other month, or half a year at a time instead of one hour every day and individually still have a full year's earnings.

If twelve people work together then they can work twelve hours every twelfth day, every twelfth week, or every twelfth month instead of one hour every day and individually still have a full year's earnings.

If twelve work together then they need more electrical power than a normal household can spare, and they need more than a corner of a room, for all the equipment must be at the same place if one person has to take care of it. 

That is only two possibilities, there are many other possible and impossible combinations in between.

Now I understand it.

OK, then I will continue.