July 08, 2020

4 The advertising

which is needed
to find one million people who want to work under my supervision, must be done by somebody, without payment, for money is a city in Russia I had almost said, but I don't have money of that magnitude, then it is said straight out.

The more people there will advertise, and the more each will advertise, in one way or another, to find others who will work under my supervision, the sooner we will start to produce, but no one must in any way try to persuade others to sign up, just deliver the link. Those who do not by themselves want to investigate things will have too many problems to get started in the end.

You can advertise in several different ways. It doesn't matter how big your circles are, use them the best you can.

A simple advertisement delivered in a mailbox, or left on a cafe table if that is legal where you are, in random areas all over the earth, is not bad at all. That kind of advertising is especially good if you are far away from home, for any reason. It could be as a crew member on a plane, ship, train, or any other type of crewmember there only has a few hours of spare time. It is also a good way if you have a real holiday away from home.

A simple advertisement delivered in a mailbox in areas where you live and can deliver to the entire area is especially good, for you can advertise when it suits you.

A simple personally delivered advertisement to your best friends is also a good idea, especially with later collaboration in mind.

You will not get anything for your advertising and you will not get anything for the people who sign up because of your advertising, but the more you advertise, the sooner we get started.

If you only want to produce, then you can maximum earn 365,000 Chinese yuan per year, if you work one hour every day.

10,000 people can as a maximum earn around 730,000 Chinese yuan extra, per year, if you want to be one of them then you must keep track of a group of 100 people who work under my supervision, but only if you still work under my supervision. In other words, you will get 1% of that group's profits and you must get an extra set of production equipment. It requires one hour of work on average per day to keep track of a group. That's a total of three hours of work on average per day.

100 people out of the 10,000 people can as a maximum earn yet another 730,000 Chinese yuan, under the same conditions. That's a total of five hours of work on average per day.

There must be gathered 1% of the one million people who can work under my supervision, that has to be the 10,000 who will keep track of 100 and they must be willing to train others before anything can start for real, so the sooner they are gathered, the sooner everyone will start to earn around 365,000 Chinese yuan per year.

The rest will be gathered automatically, when they can see the outcome, faster than preferable, so forget about them in the beginning.

As soon as one million people there wish to work under my supervision 
are gathered, then you may not advertise anymore.

Do you understand what I am saying?


OK, then I will continue