July 08, 2020

6 The security

is that you can stop
to work under my supervision at any time without owing anyone as much as a single Chinese yuan, but a fixed income does not exist, you have to count the surplus as pocket money

You can be sure that no new ones will get started before you have got the amount of work you want. As long as the market is not covered there are no problems, but in times with less demand then it is not the newcomers who have to stop the production, no one has to stop completely at any time.

The work is distributed equally among everyone who does not by themselves take a break in the production until it gets going again. When demands are small, then you are welcome to produce and stock it up, at your own expense, and when the demand becomes greater than we can produce, then you can sell your stock before any new ones are being trained.

You cannot turn up the production with the equipment you have, you can only turn it down or stop it completely, and then turn it up again to normal. But you may well stock up to offset the worst bumps. It does not require much storage space, but it requires a little money for the raw materials.

Are you still listening?


OK, then I will continue